Horizon Multilingual Web Design is an agency that specialises in developing bespoke websites that are not only available in different languages but also have focused cultural resonance, meaning each different version of the website has its own voice. This cultural aspect, often neglected by web designers, is what can make the difference in a prospect establishing contact with you, or not.

We adapt your website content to the culture of the country you are targeting and work with qualified content writers and translators to enable you to connect with your prospects and become memorable.

When it comes to cultural difference and translation, one faux pas can damage a reputation or a relationship. We can make sure that this will not happen to your business. All our multilingual websites and international websites are tailor-made for each of our clients, and each is defined by a unique client brief developed in conjunction with Horizon. Furthermore, the design of each project is based on high-performance code, flawless support, personalized advice, and innovation.

All of our WordPress multilingual websites are made in-house, with each project created and overseen by our two digital masters who have been collaborating for over 8 years, creating outstanding work for clients based around the world.

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience”

Did You Know?

Each culture has different values and communication principles, which all impact how business is done and how people interact and negotiate. Here are a few statistics about communication is influenced by culture:

Need for individualism in the following cultures:

The need for competition & success in the following cultures:

Importance of social status in the following cultures:

Open To New Business Horizons With Our Multi-Language Websites:

Negate borders and tap into a whole new market with a website that communicates your brand in another country, language and culture. Showcase your business to a whole new clientele. By having a multi-language website, your company displays an impressive international presence, which establishes trust with your prospects and open the door to larger clients.

Open to a new foreign market.

Having your first point of communication written in your audience's native language means access to a new market. Presenting your brand, services and products clearly is essential.

Get a competitive edge.

A professional multilingual website will enable you to create a connection and sense of trust that your competitors may not have, which will tip the scale in your favor.

Target a specific audience.

Automated translated content is obvious and inaccurate. Your website needs to be culturally appropriate and attractive to the audience that you are targeting to avoid faux pas.

Benefit from a governmental marketing grant through our grant advisors partners.*

*subject to Government approval 

Horizon Multilingual  Web Design Agency works with grant advisors to help you getting the best marketing strategy at minimum cost.

Horizon Multilingual Web Design Agency & Sydney Digital Agency

Horizon multilingual web design agency is a branch of Sydney Digital Agency, a web-design and development company established in Sydney in 2014. From a simple landing page to complex digital e-commerce marketplaces, Sydney Digital Agency has created over 100 websites for clients in Australia and New Zealand.

Our unique team of web developers, web designers, international marketers and content writers will provide you with highly competitive multi-language websites that convert prospects to revenue.

Our multilingual websites are available in: